Retirement Planner
Easy-to-use calculator with explanations of key terms. 
Source: Valic

Asset Allocation
Create a simple asset allocation profile
Source: MEA Financial/Prudential

Retirement Savings Calculator
Estimate the future value of your retirement savings and determine how much more you need to save each month to reach your retirement goals.
Source: Kiplinger

Contribution Accelerator
Project what your savings could be if you automatically increase your payroll savings each year. 
Source: MEA Financial/Prudential


Other Tools and Calculators to Help with those Life Events:


Research Tools

Looking for a great “fund analyzer”…ever seen a “scam meter”…how about a “risk meter”…want to do a background check on your investment professional? This site has a variety of interactive tools that can help you plan your financial future (FINRA).

Additional Tools & Calculators

Saving for college…want to create a monthly budget worksheet…trying to decide whether to rent or buy…trying to payoff credit card debt…curious of the difference between a Roth and traditional IRA, if so please enjoy these important calculators (Valic).

Retirement Resources

Are you looking for videos on rebalancing your portfolio or savings strategies, or maybe you would like to read up on “Retirement Inventing 101” or being a good financial role model for your child, this website has articles, calculators and videos (MEA Financial/Prudential).