Member schools

MRIC is a group of-of K-12 school districts, intermediate school districts, and community colleges. The group has well over two hundred participants, including K-12 school districts, intermediate school districts, and community colleges. A full list of MRIC member districts can be found here.


MRIC is a consortium. Our volunteer Board works on behalf of all our 200+ member schools. By participating in the MRIC, member school systems can spend less time evaluating third-party administrators, investment firms, and financial products and more time educating.

Strategic Partners

Throughout the history of MRIC, the MRIC Board has partnered with companies who bring added value to the participating districts, through their industry experience or legal expertise. These strategic partners include:

Foresight Capital Management Advisors, Inc.
Miller Johnson

Plan administrator

TSA Consulting Group, Inc. (TSACG) provides retirement plan compliance and administration services to 403(b) and 457(b) eligible employers — schools like the one you work for. TSACG is an independently owned and operated plan administrator. It charges fees for the services that it provides; it does not market or sell investment products. TSACG is one of the largest providers of plan services to public education employers in America.

Website: / Phone: (850) 244-7306

Core Vendors

In selecting investment providers for participants, the MRIC Board focused on three criteria; [1] Performance [2] Price and [3] Service. After a careful and detailed vetting process, six core vendors were selected, and their services were offered in all districts.

The six core vendors providing investment services to MRIC members are:

MEA Financial Services/Paradigm Equities
Midwest Capital Advisors
PlanMember/Williams & Co.
Lincoln Investment/M3 Investment Services
AIG Retirement Services (formerly VALIC)
GLP & Associates

Contact information for MRIC’s core partners is available here.

Wildcard Vendors

Because many districts had existing relationships with other vendors, districts have the opportunity to include “wildcard” vendors in their list of available service providers. The number of wildcard vendors varies by district, and wildcard vendors are not vetted by MRIC.